Custom Upcycled + New Pearl Necklaces


Classic in detail, modern in interpretation, the our custom Pearl Necklaces are a bespoke experience tailored exactly to your desires. Whether you want to upcycle and restyle pearl strands you currently own, or create a unique, new design, we can work with Akoya, Tahitian and Fresh Water Baroque. 

Update your pearl necklace with a new JA pendant/key ring clasp and restringing for $1975 (price is for clasp and restringing of your existing pearls only). You may purchase the clasp and restringing here and we will follow up with details on how to send in your necklace. For bespoke orders that include new pearls and designs please email first.

Additional pearls or full strands vary in pricing, depending upon length and quality. Note: Necklaces shown here are examples only, though similar styles can be created.

Example pricing: 17.5" 8mm White Akoya with Grey Tahitian necklace shown is $800 for adding 8 Tahitians to an existing Akoya necklace. A complete necklace starts at $4775, depending upon quality of Akoyas. The Grey Tahitian necklace was originally an 18" strand of slightly graduated pearls measuring 9 to 11mm. 10" inches of different color and size Tahitians were added with clasp. Additional pearls and clasp were $4175. Complete 28" Tahitian mixed necklace starts at $9,775, depending upon quality and size. 

Claps are available in 18k yellow or rose gold.

Gold is certified responsibly sourced.